how many rt members are gonna have minor/background roles in lazer team tho am i gonna be in the theater like



Ah you’re watching achievement hunter? I love them. The way they just [clenches fist] suck at those fricking games




Kevin Spacey….


how to enjoy a youtube channel

  1. ignore their entire youtube fanbase
The LazerTeam cast has been announced…


The Male lead Adam, The Champion of the Earth will be played by Alan Ritchson who voices Raphael in the new TMNT movie or you may have seen him in The Hunger Games:Catching Fire, Blue Mountain State or New Girl


The Female lead of Hagan’s daughter Mindy will be played by Alexandria DeBerry who you may have seen in Disney’s A.N.T Farm


The Lazer Team

Herman, the first member of the Lazer Team will be played by Colton Dunn from Parks and Recreation


Hagan, the second member of the Lazer Team will be played by Burnie Burns from Red vs Blue and Roosterteeth


Woody, the third member of the Lazer Team will be played by Gavin Free from The Slow Mo Guys, Achievement Hunter and Roosterteeth 


Zach, the fourth member of the Lazer Team will be played by Michael Jones from Achievement Hunter, Roosterteeth, RWBY and Fairy Tail


HERE is the link to the announcement video and has more information on the plot of LazerTeam



… AND THAT IS THE WAY I MAKE FIRE! Simple and messy “how to gry”.
I will add quick smoke tutorial / step by step too Just wait. \o/

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A quick tutorial on how I paint (mostly angular) shaped objects in a BG.


The biggest question in Gravity Falls

Alex Hirsch’s commandments of how Mabel and Dipper act around each other



1) The kids LIKE each other. No matter how much they get on each other’s nerves, this never changes.

2) Mabel’s not stupid. She’s a ham! There’s a big difference. Mabel’s love of goofing off is a natural force of her personality, but she can still understand when people she cares about need help or are in danger. Don’t just make her a catchphrase machine. She really cares about the people around her. (Secret: Mabel’s secretly jealous that her brothers better academically than she is)

3) Dipper’s smart but he’s not a “WALKING CALCULATOR” There’s a lot of kids shows featuring a character who is “the brains.” You know the guy. Thick glasses, nasal voice, often starts every sentence with “According to my calculations!! SNORT!” Pretty much every kids show stereotype can be traced back to the BK Kids club. This one would be IQ:

The point is, Dipper is better academically than Mabel, but he’s also able to laugh at himself. He’s a real kid. He has insecurities. He has things that he loves. I try not to pigeonhole these characters into “ONE TYPE” They lose their humanity if you do that. (Secret: Dipper’s secretly jealous that Mabel’s better socially than he is)

4) They’ve known each other forever. They should occasionally finish each other sentences, they should recognize when one of them is about to do something they always do, they should reference past inside jokes, they should get instantly angry at each other and then instantly make up, the way people who’ve known each other forever do.

5) They get more close in unfamiliar situations (because they need each other) and less close in familiar situations (because they dont as much) The entire summer is an unfamiliar situation, and its helping them bond.

6) Dipper wants to grow up too fast. Mabel doesn’t.


[a random photoset of dipper being an IRL dweeb]



do you want to know what my favorite rooster teeth website is?

the nope

achivement no nah get that out of here

here just take a look 

yes but what about  GEOFFCOM

rooster teeth employeesjosh ornelas